Pre-school Supervisor's welcome

At St Teresa’s Pre-School we believe children learn best through play where they can build important life skills such as curiosity, concentration, creativity, critical thinking, persistence and imaginative play through purposeful play experiences. These can then be supported and enhanced by adult interactions.

Our provision in Pre-School is excellent. Our setting is well organised and calm, with access to a fantastic, very large, outdoor space which provides stimulating learning experiences whatever the weather!   

We have qualified, experienced staff who are dedicated to the care and education of young children. Our children are at the heart of all we do, and we use their interests and fascinations as the inspiration for their learning and development. 

We are very lucky to be directly linked to the main school and we regularly free flow with the Foundation Stage 2 children and staff which not only provides challenging and stimulating play experiences for our children but also supports a smooth transition into the reception class.  We work closely with our Head Teacher, Foundation Stage Leader and other professionals in and outside of school to ensure we meet the needs of each individual child.  

We focus on the prime areas of learning by developing our children’s personal, social and emotional skills. This helps them to feel confident and achieve their potential in all areas of learning. We nurture their communication and language skills and encourage their physical development through fun, play based activities. We also introduce the children to the specific areas of learning; Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive arts and design through carefully planned, play based, activities.

During their time at Pre-School we record the children’s achievements through a ‘Learning Journey’, which is a working document that records their development. Parents and carers are welcome to contribute to this at any time by sharing ‘Wow Moments’ with us, or letting us know special achievements. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our St Teresa’s family!


Sarah Abel

Pre-School Supervisor