Art and Design Technology

Mrs Suzanne McCombe

Mrs McCombe is our Art and DT Subject Leader

‘Creativity is intelligence having fun!’ - Albert Einstein 

At St Teresas we believe that Art and Design and Technology are both an essential part of the primary curriculum promoting children’s creative thinking and inquisitive nature. Through Art and DT children are able to explore and develop their resourcefulness, imagination and resilienceskills which are transferrable to all areas of the curriculum. Art and DT also allow children to be expressive and visual thinkers, to record their ideas and to be inventive.  


‘Every Child is an Artist. - Pablo Picasso 

At, St Teresas, we aim to ensure every child has the opportunity to develop their artistic abilities from an early age. Our youngest children in Foundation Stage are given access to mark making resources and are able to explore colours and how those change. As the children progress through the school, a variety of opportunities allow for St Teresa’s children to develop and refine their art skills whilst learning about how art can shape our history, contribute to culture and the creativity of the world around us. At our school, Art allows our children to express their individual identity and self-expression, so that they can grow in confidence and improve 

Design and Technology 

‘Create something that will make the world awesome!’ -Kid President. 

DT learning at St Teresa’s enables pupils to develop skills and knowledge to investigate, design and create products, which are fit for purpose. They are exposed to a range of materials and equipment within a variety of contexts and are readily encouraged to be innovative and creative, from a young age. Being an inspiring and practical subject, our children have opportunities to examine and make different structures, include electrical equipment and mechanisms whilst learning how to reinforce, modify and evaluate their prototypes. Through DT, the children can develop a creative and technical mind to confidently participate in an increasing technological world.  

DT also provides children at St Teresa’s the opportunity to learn how to cook and the importance of good nutrition and healthy eating. We aim to instil a love for food preparation at St Teresa’s and provide children with a crucial life skill. In KS2, children will learn to prepare and cook a variety of dishes using a range of cooking techniques.  

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