Humanities - History/Geography

Miss Emma Robinson

Miss Robinson is one of our History and Geography Subject Leaders

Mrs Jennifer Storey

Mrs Storey is one of our History and Geography Subject Leaders

Mrs Lois Theobald

Mrs Theobald is one of our History and Geography Subject Leaders

“Geography explains the past, illuminates the present and prepares us for the future. 

What could be more important than that?” 

Michael Palin 


At St Teresa’s, we believe that Geography and History encourages curiosity and a deep fascination about the world around us and its people that will remain with our children for the rest of their lives. Our children are passionate about gaining key knowledge and skills through a variety of experiences in the classroom as well as exciting fieldwork and educational visits. Through these opportunities, children gain fundamental, analytical skills which enhance curiosity and encourage them to be caring, accountable and responsible citizens.

Geography enables children to gain a deep understanding of the world around them and their place in it, which includes knowing how their collective actions can have a real impact on improving our planet. We aim to develop the use of key terminology and new vocabulary each year and recap on this, making learning links between different concepts.

History allows the children to understand more about the important and key events from the past. Here at St Teresa’s the children have the opportunity to use timelines, historical artifacts and roleplay to consider how life would have been in the past and understand how it has shaped us as a society today.

Where possible, our learning in Geography and History is cross-curricular. This could be learning about how a country has changed in the past such as Egypt, or how the Romans travelled. We have recently begun to teach following the Cornerstones Curriculum to help engage, develop and innovate the children’s learning.