Information on admissions to our school

Reception 2024

Admissions for a place in reception are currently open. Please ensure you apply directly to your local authority but also complete a SIF before the deadline of 15th January 2024.

Admission to Foundation Stage
If you wish to apply for a school place, you must contact Wokingham Borough Council for an application form and guide. These are issued in November, before your child is due to start school the following academic year.
Your application form can be downloaded from the Wokingham Borough Council website ( and completed on-line or in hard copy; the deadline is 15th January.
Applications must be accompanied by a Supplementary Information Form for St Teresa’s, available to download from the school’s website.  This must be accompanied by the relevant documents, depending on the category that your child’s application comes under.
Wokingham Borough Council forward all applications to us and they are considered by our Admissions Committee in February.  They then offer places, on our behalf, in April.

Admission to Other Year Groups
If you require a place for your child during an academic year, this is classified as an in-year admission.  We now administer our own in-year admissions and applications should be made directly to the school office. Please see the separate section for more information.