Religious Education

At St. Teresa Catholic Academy, Religious Education (R.E.) has a special place at the heart of our curriculum. Our intention is for all pupils to develop spiritually on a personal journey in faith.  

The Gospel Values and Virtues are at the heart of our school. We aim to give R.E. a central role in enabling our children to live our school motto: “Safe, happy and successful, together with God.”  Our RE teaching allows the children to build knowledge and understanding of religion, faith and theology. Our intention is to provide our children with the tools needed to actively and confidently respond to life’s big personal, moral and social questions and challenges. This is achieved through:

  • Studying Bible scripture
  • Building an understanding of the important role of prayer and the Sacraments
  • Learning about people of faith, such as saints and Catholic charities
  • Studying Catholic Social Teaching principles
  • Engaging in Catholic Social Action
  • Learning about other major world religions

Religious Education at our school is centred on Catholic Christianity and we aim for all children in our school to see RE learning as an opportunity to become a part of the wider Catholic community.  It is our intention that RE lessons are both faith-filled and enjoyable so each child feels they belong to our school community regardless of their own religious identity. We also believe that RE plays an important role in broadening minds by exploring and celebrating the diversity of faith and belief within our school and broader communities.