Smarter Way to Pay

Smarter Way to Pay

 During each academic year, we request a number of financial contributions to support the children’s learning and school experience. To enable parents to budget for the costs, we operate a scheme called ‘Smarter Way to Pay’, which runs by standing order for the duration of your child’s time at St Teresa’s. 

 What is ‘Smarter Way to Pay’?

- Monthly payment scheme which allows payments to be spread evenly throughout the year

- Makes budgeting easier

- Allows the school to maximise your contributions by claiming Gift Aid

- Provides improved opportunities for children 

  How will the scheme work?

- Includes all requests for voluntary contributions, except charity and fund-raising donations

- Payment by standing order until the end of your child’s education at St Teresa’s 

  What is included?

- Building Fund

- Educational Visits x 2 per year

- School Fund

- Swimming in Year 5

- In-school theatre visits, authors and other visitors

- Misc to include cooking, disco/party contributions 

Building Fund

A charge made by the diocese to cover their 10% contribution to building projects, which are 90% funded by the DCSF.

School Fund

Covers miscellaneous items which support the children’s learning experiences such as funding the Christmas performances, topic days, models and sewing they may bring home.

 What is not included?

· Charitable donations

· Mufti contributions

· Cake sales

· Peripatetic music lessons

· Special events, eg. WASMA

· Extra-curricular clubs

· Year 6 PGL trip

 The children starting at the beginning of the academic year are eligible to join this scheme and a form is included within this pack. Any time after this date we request that parents pay for the activities as and when requested. An opportunity to join this scheme would then be available the following academic year.

 Who should I contact regarding Smarter Way to Pay if I have any queries? Please contact Mrs Robins,