Year 1 / 2

Welcome to Dart!

We are the mixed Year 1 and Year 2 class.

In Year 2, we are the oldest children in the infants. This means we work hard to be role models for the younger children in Foundation and Year 1.

Year 1 is our first step into Key Stage One. This year, we become more independent, developing our Phonics and Reading skills as well as our understanding of basic number.

The teaching of reading is an essential building block in Year 1. We have daily Phonics sessions following the Letter and Sounds scheme and regularly assess progress; providing additional support where needed. By the end of Year 1, the children will have been introduced to all graphemes and phonemes as well as being taught alterative spellings and pronunciations.

The focus on spelling and reading continues into Year 2. As well as further developing our word reading and recognising common exception words, we look at the wider grammar and punctuation rules as well as developing our reading comprehension skills.

We learn through a mix of play, group work, practical activities using a range of equipment, drama and develop our independent learning skills. We spend time with the Year 2 children in Eden and the Year 1 children in Avon during break and lunch time, freeflow, and  PE.

Each term, our learning is led by our ‘Learning Focus’. This means that in all lessons, we are able to make learning links to all other areas of the curriculum. We work together with the other classes in our corridor and throughout the year we have joint celebrations, trips and performances!

In the Summer term, the Year 2 children are assessed on their Maths, Writing and Reading skills through SATS and teacher assessment.

In the Summer term, the Year 1 children have a National Phonics screening test. This involves reading and decoding real and alien words.

The documents below details some of the skills and topics that are taught each term.