The SA – How can I help?

There are many ways that you can get involved in helping the SA;

  • Support our events We publish our events in the school newsletter and via posters around the school. Please keep a look out for upcoming events and attend where you can.
  • Help with events and requests A number of our events rely on your support to make them work (and not just by attending), we often need cakes baked, clothes donated and additional helpers to make our events reach their full potential. Requests for help are published in the school newsletter and on the parents Facebook page, please keep updated and offer to help where you can.
  • Corporate Matching A number of the businesses in the local area offer employees corporate matching donation opportunities for employees doing charity work. Please check if this is available at your place of work and we can help find events that you can work with us on. A list of companies that are known for offering corporate matching can be found below.
  • Cash Donations If you can’t find the time but want to support us, please feel free to make a cash donation to the SA or purchase raffle tickets ahead of events.
  • The Charity Draw The St Teresa’s Charity Draw is our very own monthly lottery! You can set up a monthly direct debit to buy a number for our lottery (or as many numbers as you like). Numbers are £2 per month each. The more people who play, the greater the prize fund and pay-outs are made for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place each month. Applications for the charity draw can be found below.
  • Become a member of the SA The team is continually changing. If you feel that you want to get more involved in the school community and gain the warm fuzzy feeling of giving something back, please contact the SA team for more details.

For further information on any of the above ‘ways to help’ or any other questions around the SA and our activities, please contact Karen Howick at

T. 0118 9784310 E. Webmail